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[...momentarily harboring the delusion that posting before midnight is like posting yesterday...]

Wednesday: I darted off after work to an organizational meeting for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's MoCCA Art Festival, for which I'll once again be coordinating volunteers, and for which I've got two pressing appointments: on Saturday I'll be flyering and talking up the festival in front of one of the shops participating in Free Comic Book Day (where are you getting yours?), and our volunteer recruitment meeting will be next Wednesday.

There were two neat concerts I was considering for after the meeting, but the sold-out Langhorne Slim show at the Mercury Lounge seemed to actually be sold out (though I was told I'd have a good shot at it if I stopped back just before eleven); so I tried the Emilyn Brodsky show at Lit Lounge and found it strangely…non-existent—by which I mean that Emilyn was there, but she wasn't playing a show yet, and I'm not really one to stand around in an empty bar until an event coalesces around me.

So I trudged home, worked for awhile, made a last-minute decision at 10:50 that I'm happier at rock shows than not, and headed out again. The Langhorne show was great, but deeply weird: the second or third time I saw him, he wound up having the last set of a long, late show, so it was probably after 1:00 by the time he started, and there were maybe twenty people left; but by the end of it, he and the band and every damn person in the room were dancing, and it stands as one of my favorite concert memories ever. And now he's gone the way of so many of my favorite antifolkers, and is getting Famous, and is selling out shows to rooms full of screaming girls; and I really don't think that that process ever stops being strange.


May. 2nd, 2008 12:34 pm (UTC)
Hey, a few months ago I started e-mailing everyone from MoCCA to offer volunteer services and didn't get a single response. Is everyone gone? Would you mind letting me know the schedule this year and put me on the mailing list?
May. 11th, 2008 01:40 pm (UTC)
Yes, I am actually catching up on comment responses after nearly a week. MoCCA has kind of been in hiding for the past two months while it's been revamping the gallery, and there was also a weird problem with the volunteer list where they might not have been e-mailing everyone even when they thought they were. But I recently caught up on mail in that inbox (though I didn't see any from you--were you emailing volunteers@moccany, or an individual there?) and moved it to gmail instead of the lousy client it was on, so I hope it will be slightly easier for them in the future. Did you at least get the e-mail about Art Fest stuff that I sent out last weekend?
May. 2nd, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
i think i was at one of those early Langhorne Slim shows with you. that process is very strange indeed!

i'm so disconnected from music nowadays. i need someone like you in chicago that is always finding new music and going to concerts and telling me about them so i know what to do.
May. 11th, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
(sorry, bad code)

We did, and I'm struggling to remember which. Was it possibly this one? Did you and Jef and I possibly go together on one of his trips?

I find that actually falling for new music (I listen to plenty of it, since I'm subscribed to about eight podcasts for that very purpose, but I seem to kind of suck at deciding what I like after one listen) and keeping up on everyone's concert schedules is a heck of a lot harder tan it used to be, either because of the full-time job or everything else vying for my time--I don't think I've sat through a several-hour antifolk to hear a bunch of people I didn't know in, like, years. But I will keep trying, and if anyone I like is headed to Chicago, I'll try to let you know.

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