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As I mentioned, I’ve been trying out the Twitter thing. Shockingly, embarrassingly, even, I…really like it. While I theoretically agree with everything ktempest has to say about the ephemeralness of the medium, I've been sucked in anyway, maybe because I associate with the sort of people that tend towards complete, witty sentences and constantly teeter near the 140-character maximum.

The thing is, though, I’m a lousy enough blogger that Twitter may be your best source for new content from me, so I'm going to go against my better judgment and re-use some of it here. Consequently: under the cut, if you want it, is a quick recap of the past two weeks.

I'll confess that I fixed, like, two misspelled names, but everything else is exactly as posted.

  • Okay, I am officially jealous of all of you functional twitterers. And the 140 char limit may be a godsend for me. Hell, I'll give it a try. 05:57 PM July 02, 2008 from web

  • Blurb campaigns: not fun, exactly, but some kind of interesting. 06:51 PM July 02, 2008 from web

  • I'm going to try that crazy thing where I twitter from the laundromat. Currently waiting for the wash cycle to start so I can add more d ... ... 10:42 PM July 02, 2008 from txt

  • Laundry=semifail. Everything's clean, but I was guilted out of dryer time. My bedsheet is now drying on my balcony, weighed down by CMOS15. 01:03 AM July 03, 2008 from web

  • P.S. They really are serious about that char count! AKA, the last word of update 3 was "detergent," obviously. Well, you post; you learn. 01:19 AM July 03, 2008 from web

  • Okay, CMOS is FIRED; I am a MORON; bedsheet may be gone forever. Desperately hoping to find it in the vacant lot below when the sun rises. 01:55 AM July 03, 2008 from web

  • Woah: total false alarm, flat sheet just wrapped up in fitted. Sheesh. Drama over, time for soup/line editing/packing/sleep. 02:19 AM July 03, 2008 from web

  • On my way to the HRSFA House Party in DC with James. The Bolt bus does indeed have outlets, but my ipod touch doesn't like the wifi. Alas. 06:34 PM July 03, 2008 from txt

  • We are finally within city limits. Fortunately, that means I can probably eat at a restaurant instead of that small child two seats away. 10:12 PM July 03, 2008 from txt

  • Nearly asleep in College Park. About 35 people here so far. Tonight we were talking about custard, nanotechnology, albalone teeth. 04:00 AM July 04, 2008 from txt

  • I've been very lax about this. But apparently Dev is twittering song titles with the nouns replaced with "sheep," so perhaps you are lucky. 09:31 PM July 05, 2008 from txt

  • Watching the slideshow of our photo scavenger hunt. Someone just scored points off a picture of my bra. 10:07 PM July 05, 2008 from txt

  • Heading home. Today's fun: 2nd Wall-E viewing, 1KBWC. Not: James's trip to the ER, sitting in holiday traffic while cold, wet, and hungry. 09:10 PM July 06, 2008 from txt

  • Huh, look at that; I am on Readercon programming after all. 01:20 PM July 07, 2008 from web

  • That Grand Unifying Theory About Everything About People would come in real handy right about now. 02:47 PM July 07, 2008 from web

  • OMG, save for the part where he claims that MS "tastes bad": http://tinyurl.com/5n4h89. MS is awesome. I get mine at the KeyFood at 4th&A. 04:48 PM July 07, 2008 from web

  • Was going to work late(r), but I'm sort of down (post-HRSFA-ness?) and distracted. Maybe I should go home, take a nap, and THEN work more. 07:25 PM July 07, 2008 from web

  • Amazing what ice cream, rest, some well-timed e-mails, and homemade soup will do for one's outlook on life. 11:40 PM July 07, 2008 from web

  • @johnjosephadams Dude, did those damn Night Shade boys reallllly switch you from a cover with hot zombie chicks on it to one without? :) 11:44 PM July 07, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • Despite everything, I sort of resent Pixar for putting a Peter Gabriel song in my head. Going to try to chase it out with Kaitlin's mix CD. 12:44 AM July 08, 2008 from web

  • Trying on the proposed outfit for tomorrow night. I think my theme is "jungle tart." 03:45 AM July 08, 2008 from web

  • Getting sandwiches with Jim Frenkel and Ellen Datlow. 12:23 PM July 08, 2008 from txt

  • @johnjosephadams I just told him that very thing. You're not sneaky at all. 12:56 PM July 08, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • @johnjosephadams Only 19 hours on Twitter, and you're already a pervert. 01:43 PM July 08, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • Note to self: a watched e-mail inbox never boils. 03:11 PM July 08, 2008 from web

  • Off to the Explorers' Club. Exciting! 07:11 PM July 08, 2008 from web

  • Lovely party, which included actual conversations with Jonny Porkpie, GiGi La Femme, and Doc Wasabassco. Now we're hunting food on the UES. 09:45 PM July 08, 2008 from txt

  • @diminutivetiger I am sort of shocked you weren't there! It was very neat. I guess Charles A. has some kind of hook-up. Well, next time. 12:50 AM July 09, 2008 from web in reply to diminutivetiger

  • Heading workwards. Aww, apartment: New Roommate Sarah brought sunflowers and vonmeggz reset the Gel Gems in the bathroom. Also, veggies. 09:43 AM July 09, 2008 from txt

  • I really do not know what to do with the line "Fried milk may be all the rage these days, but..." (via http://tinyurl.com/693czz) 12:16 PM July 09, 2008 from web

  • Brought in a disc of old themed mixes so I could burn my Antifolk mix for Kaitlin. Listening to it while I check a CE. Still pretty awesome. 02:06 PM July 09, 2008 from web

  • This is one of those days where I really wish I didn't have kinda-three jobs. 06:53 PM July 09, 2008 from web

  • Replying to letters from ungrateful people who don't understand publishing is my favorite thing ever. 08:00 PM July 09, 2008 from web

  • @cmpriest Aww, I know. I don't even expect appreciation, just hate having to provide complicated justifications for everyday occurrences. 09:49 PM July 09, 2008 from web in reply to cmpriest

  • Copyedit checked, plane tix to Denver reserved, Amanda Palmer / Spiegeltent tix ordered. Now my tummy is grumbling and it's time to go home. 10:37 PM July 09, 2008 from web

  • Dinner: beet greens with turkey sausage plus mashed potatoes with snap peas, onions, and a raspberry vinaigrette sauce. And it's only 1:05! 01:05 AM July 10, 2008 from web

  • @johnjosephadams Hey, was the show at Irving Plaza? I saw a lot of metalheads in the area at 11:30ish and wondered if you were among them. 01:06 AM July 10, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • Jim is walking around the office with the Big Tuna. I am trying to get our launch sheets in order. 21 books this season! 11:50 AM July 10, 2008 from web

  • Just sent an e-mail that included the line "(I will gladly handle any and all interviews tor.com needs to do with robots.)" 01:55 PM July 10, 2008 from web

  • Jim's one-on-ones are over! It's finally time for lunch! 04:16 PM July 10, 2008 from web

  • Heading off to see Edward Albee's The Occupant at the Signature. Mmmm, sculpture. 06:24 PM July 10, 2008 from web

  • At Starwich--got confused abt curtain time so I'm an hour early. Funny how I only care that I left my cell at work now that I'm twittering. 07:25 PM July 10, 2008 from mobile web

  • Oh, Occupant: Mercedes Ruehl is lovely, Larry Bryggman is Larry Bryggman (that is, delightful), and I still find the show mostly tedious. 11:02 PM July 10, 2008 from txt

  • Is it a bad sign that I wrote myself a note on my hand during intermission and I already can no longer read it or remember what it says? 11:34 PM July 10, 2008 from web

  • Twitter! Losing my first 3 updates was one thing, but now you've reposted a txt 5hrs after I sent it and won't delete it. Are we in a fight? 09:34 AM July 11, 2008 from web

  • Friday is an excellent day for getting one's life in order. 12:24 PM July 11, 2008 from web

  • Envying friends’ hookups is not so conducive to work, but might be a vital part of staying sane when I'm still here at 7 on half-day Friday. ... 07:07 PM July 11, 2008 from web

  • @cmpriest Oh, jesus, honey. Give him my best. 09:25 PM July 11, 2008 from web in reply to cmpriest

  • Page 225/413. I am craving some chinese-food-style tofu so badly right now. 11:36 PM July 11, 2008 from web

  • Caved at 283 to go get some for Mexican food. I'm not liking my average rate here, but will finish tonight if it kills me. 01:15 AM July 12, 2008 from web

  • @tobiasbuckell True. The downside is that I'm totally dependent on city life and EXPECT to be able to find good food at all hours. 02:47 AM July 12, 2008 from web in reply to tobiasbuckell

  • Drat! Either food or nap was my undoing, and I'm just too tired for the last few pages. Gonna walk home and see how I feel once I'm there. 04:31 AM July 12, 2008 from web

  • Finally sent George his line edit--hopefully he'll take it as well as the editorial note. And now, back to my other steampunk book. :) 12:51 PM July 12, 2008 from web

  • Heading out to Prospect Park for OtherLizG (the DC Comics editor, not the writer)'s birthday picnic. 05:58 PM July 12, 2008 from web

  • @reluctantcad Wow! Perhaps they thought you were good breeding stock. 11:36 PM July 12, 2008 from web in reply to reluctantcad

  • Liz et al did suck me into playing Rock Band, but then their entire apartment lost its power. You see why this is not meant to be? 11:40 PM July 12, 2008 from web

  • It would really be helpful if I could stop being distracted by the itunes app store and go back to work reading instead. 03:16 AM July 13, 2008 from web

  • Just woke up from an action-movie dream. Now I'll never know if the lounge singer chasing me through the science museum managed to catch me. 11:46 AM July 13, 2008 from web

  • Dad's not feeling well, so I'm heading to Rockland for the night. The only thing I've eaten today is raw kohlrabi; not the best plan. 01:42 PM July 13, 2008 from txt

  • Watching an episode from the first season of SNL. Oddly unfunny, and Richard Pryor is hosting, so about 80% race jokes. Also, drunk muppets. 10:59 PM July 13, 2008 from txt

  • Once again the geek universe proves to be even smaller than I had previously imagined. Make that twice. You don't even want to know. 11:35 AM July 14, 2008 from web

  • @johnjosephadams Bug me at RCon--far too convoluted to explain over Twitter. Don't think it's anyone you know, but amusing nonetheless. 1:36 PM July 14, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • Smart enough to realize that it’s a terrible idea; crazy enough to want it anyway. I think that’s the motto these days. 1:49 PM July 14, 2008 from web

  • And now I'm pondering Bai Ling photo ops and documenting how to post things in Joomla. My job is increasingly unfathomable. 3:19 PM July 14, 2008 from web

  • @Annaleen Awesome post--reminds me of the argument that post-singularity SF is becoming a cheap way to avoid thinking abt today's problems. 3:27 PM July 14, 2008 from web in reply to Annaleen

  • I don't know what I would do if I had a job that made me feel weird about using the word "crazypants" in work-related communication. 5:08 PM July 14, 2008 from web

  • Just got email about an interview opp for a movie called Zombie Strippers (Tagline: “Every man’s fantasy becomes his worst nightmare”). 6:54 PM July 14, 2008 from web

  • And if that wasn’t good enough: my assistant Steven claims it’s an “adaptation” of Ionesco’s Rhinocéros. 6:54 PM July 14, 2008 from web

  • @johnjosephadams I think it's actually DVD-bound, but that's what movie nights are for. Fair warning that it might be softcore porn. 8:36 PM July 14, 2008 from web in reply to johnjosephadams

  • IreneGallo just took us out to dinner because she's a rock star. In less-good news, I'm suddenly terrified that I left my cell on the bus. 11:38 PM July 14, 2008 from web
If this is remotely of interest to any of you, I’ll try to send a summary once or twice a week. If it's not, you can feel free to spew a bunch of invective at me—or just avoid looking behind the cut.

Oh. I never do this, but since I was posting anyway, and we're all heading to Readercon in three days, I might as well clue you in on my programming schedule. I'm surprised I even have a schedule, since until a week or two ago I was only in the reserve corps; but now I'm on four panels. This all happened relatively quickly, and I hold Readercon programming in immense esteem, so I’m going through an abbreviated version of my standard “Good lord, why did I think I had anything intelligent to say aboutthat?” cycle. But I’ve done enough conventions by now to know that I'll calm down and figure it out eventually. Anyway, the schedule:

  • Friday 3:00 PM, RI: Talk / Discussion (60 min.). Breaking Into the Ghetto. David Anthony Durham with discussion by Carolyn Ives Gilman, Liz Gorinsky, Louise Marley, Sandra McDonald, Michaela Roessner, _et al_. Durham's decision to move into fantasy after three successful historical novels shocked his editor, who saw a whole host of problems, concerns, hurtles, and uncertainty in the decision. But why is such a career move considered so risky? Is fantasy still somehow disreputable despite the huge commercial and reasonable critical success of Tolkien, Rowling, and others? And aren't readers smart enough to accept different things from writers? Durham takes a personal look at the topic and discusses the issues with other authors that have tried to (or would like to) cross genres.

  • Friday 5:00 PM, ME/ CT: Panel. Steampunk and Beyond: What Would a "Gibson Chair" Look Like? Holly Black, Paul Di Filippo, Liz Gorinsky, Mary Robinette Kowal (L), Sarah Micklem. Steampunk, originally just an sf subgenre, is now also a burgeoning underground design movement. There's precedent for this: modernism was not only a literary movement, but had artistic, musical, architectural, and design wings as well. Is the steampunk design movement an essentially fluky outgrowth of our fascination with all things retro? Or could other f&sf subgenres sprout their own design branches as well? Could the creation of actual, useful, physical objects lead to better-imagined literary art? How close is the relationship between the visually striking artifacts of steampunk and the literature that spawned them, anyway?

  • Friday 6:00 PM, ME/ CT: Discussion (60 min.). Interstial Arts. Ellen Kushner (L) with R. Scott Bakker, Lucy Corin, Liz Gorinsky, Theodora Goss, Judith Moffett, Delia Sherman, Sarah Smith, Nancy Werlin, _et al_. The Interstitial Arts Foundation is a group of "Artists Without Borders" fighting the Balkanization of art. They celebrate work that crosses or straddles the borders between media, the borders between genres, the borders between "high art" and popular culture. They are not opposed to mainstream fiction or genre fiction, nor are they seeking to create a new category. They are just particularly excited by border-crossing fiction (and music and art), and want to support the creation of such works and to establish better ways of engaging with them. The IAF has had a presence at Readercon from its beginning, and last year Small Beer Press published _Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstial Writing_, edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss. Interstitial Arts is an idea, a conversation, not a hard-and-fast definition--and it's a conversation you are invited to join.

  • Sunday 12:00 Noon, RI: Panel. Podcasts of Mars. Jim Freund (L), Liz Gorinsky, James Patrick Kelly, Mary Robinette Kowal, Cat Rambo. Podcasts like _Escape Pod_ and _Free Reads_ from James Patrick Kelly are presenting audio discussions, short stories, and even entire books in a free portable format. We'll take a critical survey of what's out there and discuss the future of this new medium. Is it possible to model the podcast on the science fiction convention, which also includes discussions and readings? Could new technological approaches allow the podcast to go places that earthbound discussions can't?

I'll be sharing my room with Brian Slattery, who—totally unrelated to how much I adore his fiction—is one of my favorite people in the world. He's also a rare presence at conventions (and on the internet), so please do let me introduce you if you happen to run across us.

I sincerely hope that this won't be the most egregious set of recycled content you’ll see all day, and look forward to seeing a bunch of you in Burlington.


Jul. 15th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
"My assistant Steven"? =)
Jul. 16th, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
You're right, I'm a jerkface for calling him that. Just couldn't think of a better way to establish context in such a teeny space.
Jul. 16th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)
I thought it was rather charming, actually.
Jul. 15th, 2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
Well, I don't know about anyone else but I find the Twitter recap entertaining/interesting, so sure, post away! And have fun at ReaderCon!
Aug. 1st, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
Oooh. Creepy. I begin to understand the twitter thing... although I'm not entirely sure I begin to get it, exactly.

Of course, it probably doesn't help that I went between this and a New Yorker article. (It appears that no one wants to write mid-length things).

Yours curious to see how tor.com eats up your time...

Aug. 3rd, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
Joooinnn ussss.

Actually, I think the most undertouted benefit of twitter (especially when used by loquacious people like you and me) is that there is no better training ground for brevity. Economical sentences are useful even in New Yorker-sized articles. What are you writing about for the New Yorker, anyway? I'm so behind on everybody's everything.
Aug. 3rd, 2008 01:15 pm (UTC)
I went between reading a New Yorker article and reading your twitters. _Reading_ It's a question of having got aclimatized, really.
Oct. 31st, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)
Hey there! :) We noticed you are an author, and would like to extend an invitation to you to join our new LiveJournal community yauthors. The community is to allow Young Adult authors to network with one another, as well as give advice to those aspiring to become published. For more information about the community, go here. We hope to see you there!

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